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MEDIA-LEXICON  , works closely with Infrastructure developers, Real Estate Builders that are Companies and Individuals to provide litigation services and advisory on a range of areas such as project management contracts, joint venture agreements, title diligence, advice on local regulations and all other related legal disputes.

Our real estate Advocates are well versed with respective state legislations and revenue record jurisdictions having experience in scrutinising, immovable property pending litigations against any encumbrances / charges, identifying respective mortgages on properties, registrations / authorisations for change in ownership records with the competent State government authorities.

In real estate matters, we advise on the development of enormous land parcels on lease or ownership or acquisition legislations and advising on obtaining FDI(s) / other Finance instruments , subject to RBI approval, as deem necessary with Corporate structuring thereto on re-conveyance, mortgage, and legitimate modes of creating security for transfer of funds and /  remittance of sale proceeds out of India, as the case may be with innovative solutions.

We have a pan-India presence with network of real estate lawyers  with expertise in title verification, execution of loan, lease, and license agreements for corporates and individual clients not limited to Construction Contracts also including for bidding documents, agreements with sub-contractors, and leasing , renting and mortgaging.