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IP Laws – Trade Mark , Copyright and Patent. 


MEDIA-LEXICON’s dedicated Intellectual Property Rights practice by IP Lawyers , having exposure and experience nearing not less than Three decades (from Mid nineties) provides a wide range of services covering Trade Mark , Copyright monetisations / Royalties from Copyright collection Societies (Worldwide) / IP Assets Inventory Audit , IP Asset Valuations Report / IP Finance raising and Patent Advisory , primarily focusing as on date on, Digital Start ups and other entrepreneurs on cost effective basis.

With a keen focus on I.P Registration , Management, Audit and Litigation, MEDIA-LEXICON offer wide services to Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) industries , covering ~ Film, Television, OTT Platforms, Music, Advertisements, Sports, Gaming, Leisure, Software, Electronics etc , including the broad spectrum of other industries , not limited to Automobiles, Pharmaceutical , Fertilisers & Chemicals, Power , Agro Chemicals, Biotechnology, Biomedical Devices, Food packaging technology, Process equipment, Textiles, etc.

We advise across a wide and diverse range of corporate entities / individuals on building their I.P portfolios by devising explicit strategies to ensure that their significant I.P assets are financed and monetised , which are further diligently protected and preserved with definitive documentations on the valuable intangible assets.


We are currently in the throes of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

MEDIALEXICON offers sophisticated and knowledgeable legal counsel to both Domestic & International clients navigating the rapidly evolving space of Technology Laws. Our attorneys recognised the economic potentially of NFTs and Crypto management by quickly discerning to address  the legal and regulatory challenges of the budding industry.

MEDIA-LEXICON believes that the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Meta-Verse with Crypto currency law to the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) monetisation will dictate the future of the field technology.

Having immense background in digital media and technology legislations , we are uniquely positioned to negotiate and secure optimal terms for our clients , especially to NFT-focused Digital / Technology startups and entrepreneurs interested in utilising NFTs to expand their revenue streams with valuations thereof from Merchant Bankers and other recognised valuers internationally for raising funds under IP Finance from primary and secondary markets.

The increasing use of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets has given rise to complex legal issues relating to regulatory status, compliances including valuation , corporate laws, securities transactions (including initial coin offerings), fund formation, launch specialised token derivatives, taxation, anti-money laundering, litigation and regulatory enforcement.

MEDIA-LEXICON is distinctive among leading law firms in India on advisory to invest in digital assets or creating specialised crypto coins on decentralised blockchain protocol or integrating new tokens by overseas legal structuring in connection with the launch of new distributive Global entities , subject to Tax legislations / regulations of the reciprocating countries.